As a natural instigator and rabble-rouser from a young age, Dan naturally gravitate towards the inherit power in social energy in creative ways. Driven by his primitive and colorful aesthetic, his work acts as sets of visual indicators to direct groups of people to forms groups and interact. Dan's project-based works are absurd exuberant follies that strive for utopia before falling into dystopia. The results are often visually stimulating environments or documentation, residuals after tremendous energy pours into temporary happenings.
Dan's work adopts the diverse social dynamics we see in daily life: government, sports, holidays, social clubs, riots, dining and performing arts. His work mimics real life therefore the social dynamics present in my work are complex, ranging from hierarchies to anarchies. Humans’ natural ability to identify social dynamics and adapt allows him to use the power of visual art to tweak a pre-existing context with new meaning. The outcome is a chaotic cacophony of voices influencing a newly defined social space. My installations are the stage, my sculptures are the props and my drawings are the instructions.

He has exhibited or performed at the Walter’s Art Museum, The Center Club, Mount Vernon Place Park, The Contemporary Museum, SZHK Bi-City Biennial 2009, 01SJ Biennial 2010, Transmodern Performance Festival, The Museum of Contemporary Art-Sydney, the Guggenheim, the Exploratorium, the Geffen Contemporary @MOCA, Santa Fe: Site, and The National Aviary.